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hill climb racing 2 game mod apk :

Hill Climb Racing 2 comes from the original Hill Climb Racing creators! It’s big, it’s cool and it’s so much fun!

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free racing game to play with online multiplayer races and offline adventure driving modes.

Feature list:

20 20+ Unlock new race cars and bikes!

Go through the trophy road to earn new medals from the cup and unlock the ability to buy an epic tank with the hard earned coins from new cars, bikes, trucks and racing. To unlock 20+ vehicles, choose a place to vote for yourself!

Upgrade your vehicles!

Buy upgrades with winning coins from car racing and use them to improve your ride. With over 16 components, select, combine and assemble these components to enhance your performance! Combine updates in unique ways to boost your driving skills and keep up the good work!

Car Customize your car and your character!

Earn and open a variety of customization options for both your character and your vehicle garage! Be nice while racing and change your character to suit your style! There are thousands of combinations! Then take it to the next level and customize your car with different skins and tires so that your racer is unique!

Classic offline adventure mode

The famous adventure mode from Hill Climb Racing 1 is also back in this sequel! See how far you can drive in this endless race mode that can be played offline! Earn coins to upgrade your vehicles and help you in online cup mode and multiplayer team event!

Teach and compete with your friends online!

Participate in online races with your friends. Create or join a multiplayer race team and see how high you can reach the Leaderboard! There are so many activities to connect with online multiplayer leaderboards and weekly changing events! Extra bonus weekly multiplayer team chests to unlock, so there is plenty of encouragement to build your dream team and play online with your friends!

Arcade fun and stunt tricks!

Perform stunts, jerks and wheels or crash your car! Our unique physics-based car simulation allows you to eliminate adventurous stunts that you cannot compete with other car games! Unlike most racing games, stunts can help you increase your performance and unlock more coins to spend on upgrades!

Race to success in multiplayer games!

In Cup mode you drive against 3 other online players. Finish it as soon as possible and run to the finish line! Cup mode allows you to drive and compete in multiplayer games with hundreds of different levels in different territories. From driving in picturesque countryside to dangerous ice caves!

Drive this time in a physically oriented hill climb racing game! With amazing bikes, cars, motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles and other cool vehicles to drive in online and offline modes!

Remember that we are always reading your feedback and working hard to create new original content for your car games: new cars, bikes, cups, levels and features for Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2. Let us know if you have a bug or crash, so we can fix it. If you like or dislike and have problems with our driving games, please report to [email protected] We really appreciate this, please include your device creation and design.

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