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Hi caller app The True ID Caller is the real identity of the person calling the spam to tell the user the name and area of ​​the incoming call and to avoid spam calls like spam and robocall. Tru ID Color Name is a powerful color ID app, call blocker, call recorder and quick number book, which allows you to access contacts and phone dialers quickly.

  • Specifically, the Tru ID Color Name Number is the best app to identify and block unknown calls. The color ID helps you find out who the real color is You can also make fake calls for fun As a contact widget, the color ID and call block act as a mobile phone number tracker, dialer, locator number, and a color number identification device. The actual ID caller can identify the caller, track the phone number, and identify an unknown caller to show you the caller – including the location of the caller.
    Consumers can
  • Blocked numbers and text you want to stay away from telemedicine and scammers.
  • See who has been called using the phone number search feature
  • Easily check the correct ID of the color
  • Use smart color ID trackers and blockers to identify unknown numbers
  • Automatically identify every unknown SMS message
  • Automatically block spam and tele-marketing SMS messages.
  • Send pictures, audio and video MMS messages to one or more friends once
  • Use clipboards to quickly copy and paste multiple text messages
    Real ID Color Name B ature Shistya List
    ** Color ID
  • Color identification and number identification – Identify color in real-time by phone number origin or unknown number. The Block Number and Color ID Mobile Number Locator Function shows the real name and location of the callers and acts as a mobile number tracker to help callers find the right ID.
    A color ID finder and anti-spam are always added to identify each real color name and identity behind anonymous or personal call. Always know who is controlling and controlling your phone calls! True ID Color Name: Color ID, call block set up and know the exact identity of your callers.
    ** Call the blocker
  • Add block numbers, unwanted calls and contacts to blacklist calls When a number from your blacklist calls you, the True ID caller identifies that number and prevents unwanted calls and contacts from being placed on your blacklist. It works like a spam call blocker and a robocall blocker, which also provides an updated database.
    ** Full caller ID and call block information
  • Block caller ID and call block name, photo, SMS message, social information, etc. Via mobile number tracker
    ** Color ID and Call Block Location Tracker
  • Free yourself from unknown calls now from unknown places! The color ID and the call blocker help you track the phone number with the location tracker.
    ** Themes
  • There are many amazing themes available in the Color ID and Call Block Now you can customize the way you view your caller ID and call blocker
    ** Contact Widget
  • Quick access to save an unknown number or to save an missed call from a call log with a missed call, complete call.
    ** Color ID and Call Blocker and Location:
  • Now you can easily see who is calling and can detect unknown incoming calls, track phone numbers, and block numbers with the caller ID and call blocker app.
    ** Reserve phone number lookup
  • Find any number or name in an efficient way This feature works like a real color tracking app!
    ** Call log
  • View all call history in the current call menu This includes missing calls, incoming and outgoing calls, and answering unanswered calls As a mobile number locator, the True ID color name details the actual color name and color location. Call Block Function Aka Call Blacklist – Call blocker blocks unwanted calls. Blocked call logs will also appear No more unknown numbers
  • Record calls by phone number or contact name
  • Exclude recording by phone number or contact name


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