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head of state apk The modern era is a classic opol spear, economics and tactics and military strategy, where you have to play the role of president of a modern state.
Are you ready to be president of Russia or the United States?
Maybe Afghanistan grew under your rule?
You can lead any modern state

Manage the state, explore new technologies and expand your territory Fight with other countries and prove yourself a wise president and a successful military leader! Your civilization needs a strong leader!

Method of warfare head of state apk

Adjacent states and states send power to capture resources Build a ship, make military units, buy or manufacture military equipment Perfect airspace, weapons, barrages and shipyards Spy and prove

Manage the ministry Improve and secure the lives of your citizens
It will help you: Police, Security Services, Ministry of Health, Education, Defense, Infrastructure, etc.

Build non-aggressive agreements, trade agreements, embassies Participate in the work of the United Nations, resolve further

Law and religion
Make laws based on the chosen path of civilization development Choose the government religion of your state

Production and trade
Food and raw materials production Get resources Trade with other states

Do it
Will you bet on production or more taxes? What is your strategy?

The military strategy for mobile devices is waiting for you in the game of style! Are you ready to be president? Which path have you chosen? Will you be a dictator or a soft president? Your choice and your strategy will be the key to the success and prosperity of the country and the entire civilization.

You can play games without accessing the internet.


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