HD Wallpapers APK (Backgrounds)


HD Wallpapers APK,Backgrounds, HD Wallpapers APK (Backgrounds)

We will probably serve astonishing HD Wallpapers APK to the individuals all over the world. Breath life into your screen with restrictive HD Wallpapers conveyed to you by Android Station Team. Each backdrop is a genuine magnum opus chose by Android Station Team – simply tilt your gadget to see more!

Did you realize that a normal client checks their gadget in excess of 100 times each day? Make each time a genuine delight with novel backdrops from HD Wallpapers assortments. Let your gadget become a wellspring of self-articulation, satisfaction, motivation and HD!

Every day updates of free and magnificent HD Wallpapers by HD Wallpapers APK

☆ The free App gives a huge number of HD Wallpapers and HD Backgrounds to make your screen remarkable and exquisite

☆ Simple Design, UI with quicker access and more prominent execution

☆ Frequent updates which keep your screen shocking with the new HD Wallpapers and HD Backgrounds you have ever observed…

Highlights of HD Wallpapers APK

☆ Simple UI of HD Wallpapers APK

Simple User Experience with Simple Theme.

Easy to download and set as backdrop.

Easy to investigate astonishing backdrops from the HD Wallpapers’ Gallery.

☆ HD Wallpapers APK is Lightweight and Fast

Lightweight interface devours less memory give better execution

☆ Categories of HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds):

HD Wallpapers APK application gives a rich rundown of classes to pick your preferred best HD Wallpapers

HD Wallpapers possesses classifications like Abstract, Animals, Astronomy, Autumn, Babies and Kids, Birds, Blue and Purple, Bokeh, Cats, City and Buildings, Classy (Classic), Colors (Colorful), Dogs, Dusk, Fantasy, Fashion, Festivals, Flowers, Food and Drinks, Girly, Interior and Architecture, Landscape Mode, Love and Hearts, Minimalistic (Artistic), Monochrome (Black and White), Mountains, Music, Nature, Night, Ocean, Patterns and Textures, Pink, Portrait Mode, Quotes, Rain and Water drops, Randoms, Red, Sadness, Ship and Boat, Spring, Summer, Sunshine, Transportation, Travel, Trees and Leaves, Vehicles, Vintage, Winter and Snow.

☆ Search one of a kind backdrop from the HD Wallpapers library

Search backdrops from the a huge number of labels

☆ Picking HD Wallpapers

Daily updates with Rich library

☆ Setting HD Wallpapers

Keep your preferred pictures by effectively sparing them to your own gadget.

Share pictures to anybody and some other applications in a basic manner.

Set backdrop as lock screen and additionally home screen with trimming.

☆ Size of HD Wallpapers

Sizes of HD Wallpapers are extremely less regardless of whether postulations backdrops are in HD. The majority of the backdrops are under 1024kb.

☆ Auto Wallpaper Changer

Live Wallpaper

Automatically pick pictures from the HD Wallpapers Downloads

User can likewise choose any pictures index of photographs and backdrops

Set time term between two backdrops (Default time: 15 min)

Finally set as backdrop and appreciate.

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☆ HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds’) Instagram page

Don’t miss reports on instagram too to check Wallpaper of the day on our HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds’) Instagram page.


☆ HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds’) Flickr gathering

Please join HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds’) Flickr gathering! You’ll get the opportunity to share your own photos and fine arts to the individuals all around the globe.



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