Hangaroo game No 1 Best App


hangaroo game, Hangaroo game No 1 Best App

Hangaroo game Angman is based on the popular word guessing game Hangman The player guesses the letters to open the hidden word But be careful, you only have a few guesses before you hang up!

This version of Hangman has everything you need, many word categories, one and two player modes, leaderboards, skins and more for free. Relax with some rounds of this classic word game. Hangaroo game

Running two player modes allows you and a friend to play an execute with a single device. One person enters a word and the other tries to guess it

. Ideal game for language skills development
Suitable for all ages
Thousands of words to guess
Learn something new (Wikipedia button). Hangaroo game

(Use sounds first (A, E, I, O, U … etc), more likely to guess a hidden word!

Have fun with 4 and 26 free categories:

4 games
🍕 Food
4 animals
4 countries
ୀତ Music
4 movies
Shows TV shows
4 actors
4 cities
💃 Celebrities
4 influential people
4 cars
🏛️ Travel
🍽️ Kitchen
Te Harry Potter
4 jobs
4 marks
4 movie characters
4 cartoons
👚 Clothing
4 schools
4 brands
4 games

Ang Hangman is small and doesn’t take up space on your phone Have fun!


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