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Handy Library Apk, Handy Library Apk

Output ISBN the first run through to get a book’s subtleties on the web and add to your library, check whenever to see the book, compose a note, or loan to somebody. This application causes you to list your book assortment (or little library) in a helpful way.


Use cases:

  • Manage an individual book assortment or a home library,
  • Build a little open library, a class library, a congregation library,…
  • Manage books in a book shop,
  • People who frequently acquire books from a school library or loan books to someone,…

Key Features:

  • Scan ISBN code (standardized identification) to get book subtleties like title, writer, page number, distributer, distributed date, rating, description,… furthermore, spare the book to your library;
  • Search a book online by title, writer or ISBN code to get book subtleties and spare;
  • Add another book to your library physically when the application’s administrations can’t coordinate your pursuit;
  • Keep track of books that you loan to or acquire from your companions and advise when a book is past due;
  • Manage your list of things to get;
  • Write your note for a book;
  • Share a book URL to your companions;
  • Look for a book that is now in your library by examine its ISBN code, or information a catchphrase (title, writer, ISBN);
  • Sort books in your library by title, writer or included date;
  • Filter books which you mark as top pick, read or new;
  • Organize books by racks or classes,
  • Export or import library with Excel documents;
  • Back up your library to Google Drive and recuperate without any problem.

You can likewise utilize this application to list different assortments likes: comic, manga, prepackaged game, sheet music,…

No need a PC and a scanner to oversee books in a little library, Handy Library has nearly capacities to supplant them.

Appreciate utilizing it!

Administration assets:

The application utilizes many book APIs to get book subtleties like Goodreads, Amazon, Google book, OpenLibrary, WorldCat,… Express gratitude toward them for offering APIs for nothing.

⚑ Upcoming highlights

  • Track understanding advancement,
  • Localize more dialects,
  • Add the insights highlight to permit clients oversee number of every classification in the library.

■ Supported 19 dialects: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Romanian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Much obliged to my awesome clients and interpreters:

  • Nicolas Laupie (French)
  • Antonio Campisi (Italian)
  • Mehmet Resul YILMAZ (Turkish)
  • Japanese (Thao Ngan Nguyen Thi)
  • Henrique Costa (Portuguese)
  • Laurabartiromo (Spanish)
  • Mohamdsamir (Arabic)
  • Juliasolomakha (Russian)
  • Polglishkontakt (Polish)
  • Stetaz (Greek)
  • Irmalita (Indonesian)


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