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  • It is a game that combines different game themes like “hacking”, “game making”, “programming” and “life simulation”.
  • Manage the work of dark hackers, starting with the installation of spyware and ending with hacking the infrastructure of another country.
  • Manage the work of white hackers, start protecting the site from DDoS attacks and finally protect the international banking system from dark hackers.
  • Create mobile styles and different styles and direction apps. You can select graphics, game size, icons for them. All released games will be saved and you can show them to your friends.
  • Non-linear plots, divided into separate chapters. For those who prefer a traditional simulator, it is possible to turn off view mode.
  • Upgrade your character by gaining new levels and skills. The higher your level, the more complex and expensive orders you can handle and the newer gameplay elements are not available at player first levels.
  • Life simulation game allows you to start a whole family: wife or husband, children and pets. All grow, live and communicate with you.
  • The game has a wide variety of homes and vehicles that the player can buy and improve.
  • Ability to build your own business, starting with a simple website with games and ending with a huge IT-corporation.

This is what awaits you in “Hacker Simulator: Tycoon”! 🙂

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