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Guru mann fitness app Guru Mann, an online fitness instructor in the United States and a professional fitness model. Teachers from San Francisco, California are a popular fat loss and muscle building expert. She is a Certified Advanced Fitness Trainer, Professional Fitness Model, Certified Power and Conditioning Expert and Certified Nutritionist. He is also a fitness writer.

Guru mann fitness app

He began his career in December 1997 He holds a bachelor’s degree in biomechanics / biology – human kinetics and BS exercise and sports science / nutrition science. His desire to get a fit body when he was very thin prompted him to look at this area. She has been working for the past 19 years and training for drug-free fitness models, helping athletes help with nutritious food. She also helps models in fitness photo shoots

It also works for patients with cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, liver disease, arthritis, thyroid, liver disease, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and so on. In front of their nutrition He has many professional certifications in the field of fitness and nutrition

She loves her job and her previous slim look helps her keep herself motivated before starting a fitness system. She enjoys her work because it helps other people reach their fitness goals. He enjoys the dense and athletic, muscular maturity of his body.

He is sharing his health and fitness information on YouTube, Facebook and other social media with his videos. He has also worked with the T-Series to launch fitness videos She offers nutrition programs, exercise rules, exercise plans for a variety of bodies on her YouTube channel. He is actively working for his India Mission India fit


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