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guardians of the galaxy :
Want to become a fighter pilot? Want to go to India?
This is the official Indian Air Force 3D Air Combat mobile game. Live the life of an Indian Air Force fighter pilot and go to India!

One of the most realistic air combat mobile games on the planet!
‘Guardian’ is the most realistic and graphic-rich mobile Air Combat game on Android, breaking the clich by bringing the first promotional-based Air Combat game to the mobile platform. It sets a new benchmark in graphic and gameplay optimization techniques and has an extensive collection of flying machines never seen before on mobile platforms.

The ‘Guardian’ player is placed on the hot seat as a fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force and takes you through a training and ten combat operations. The player learns to fly the SU 30 High Performance Jet, and then flies as a Mi17 pilot. While the training mission taught the player the basics of flight training, the two operational missions laid the foundation for the story of the war clouds over India and the country where India planned the war. The next eight missions will include full-scale air combat between Georgia and India and will include all operational mission profiles of IAF and SU30, M2000, Tejas, Falcon AWACS, C17, C130, Mi17, Mi35 and ALH Dhruv aircraft. .

Motion sensor and touch based. Default motion sensor selected.

The player wins promotional ribbons and gallantry awards as he goes on various campaigns.

Flying mode!
Arcade mode is available for the first three missions and cockpit simulation mode for the remaining eight missions, which will be released on October 08 as part of the second phase.


  • Very realistic mission profile
  • Highly detailed flight models and other assets
  • Includes Indian Air Force fighter jets, transport and helicopter aircraft.
  • Training mission for new travelers is easy to learn
  • Ten operational missions with different IAF roles
  • Advanced air combat details with modern air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.
  • Customized blur head-up display to display relevant information
  • Skin changes in the second stage of the plane
  • Second stage multiplayer
  • Optimized for low to medium end smartphones
  • Officially the first mobile game based on the Indian Air Force

Release version of the game!
Current version – one training mission, two combat missions
Next Edition (08 October 14) – Eight Combat Missions

Favorite features!
Patrons run in a dual core configuration with 1 GB RAM

Play the game. Join the mission!

Jai Hind!

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