Gta 3 free download for android No 1 Best App


gta 3 free download for android, Gta 3 free download for android No 1 Best App


Gta 3 free download for android You will see the life of a gangster imitating a big city Complete all the missions, earn really big money, visit the city battlefields, buy cars like real life, and guns from the army house.

Gta 3 free download for android

Fool the police, have fun, ride a stolen sports car Increase your authority in the eyes of the mafia, it’s up to you now

Game features: Gta 3 free download for android
Really made cars and characters (you can choose the graphics level)
Big Customization Types
Great choice of cars, weapons and motorcycles
The open world and the unexpected story line
New traffic frequency settings have been added
The gameplay is interesting and does not bother you

Game plot
You are a gangster debutant, living in a big city, always feeling the demand for money. Gradually, when you are called a minor, you will start working for the mafia. Quickly you realize that this is not enough and you should lead the mafia.

Mad City made a difficult time for the main character The city and the worship of sin A city where everyone can get a bus in a second and die in the next few moments. Take a fast car, whether you stole it or not and the road madness starts. Of course, with all this work, the police will try to catch you Don’t forget about the big guns But in reality, you have to pay for everything In the previous mission you will remind the police who own this road and pay for the deaths of your gang members.

Successfully you will become a Mad City criminal boss and live in the cities of criminals, violence, the sea and the sun.Gta 3 free download for android

If you are bored or annoyed with the missions you are passing, buy RPGs and body armor and take some steps on the Mad City road. Get points of interest from the police and then find some cover and shoot back


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