Google zhuyin input No 1 Best App


google zhuyin input, Google zhuyin input No 1 Best App


Google zhuyin input Google Pinin Input is a customized input method (IME) for Chinese typing on Android.

The app offers a variety of methods for fast and easy input of Chinese characters.
Key features include: Google zhuyin input

  • QWERTY pin keyboard with gesture typing and intelligent correction.
  • Type a pin keyboard with 9 finger typing
  • Stroke keyboard
  • Full screen and half screen handwritten keyboard
  • Latin keyboard
  • Blurry pin
  • Double pin
  • Optimization UI for different screen sizes
  • Voice input
  • Themes

The app supports both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, punctuation, emoticons, Latin characters and numbers. Voice input network based to provide high precision matching Google zhuyin input

Note: To use it on your Android device, you must be able to enable the “Settings” → “Language and Input” input method.


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