Google Play Store Stops Showing Application Version Numbers


Google has stopped putting version numbers on the Play Store for apps. The change seems to have happened in the last few days and only affects the apps for phones right now. It’s not clear if the company made this change on purpose or if it was caused by a bug.

The app version number used to be the first thing in the “App info” section of a listing’s description, which you could find by tapping the “About this app” button. However, some users have noticed that the item is missing from their device, as reported by 9to5Google. In particular, Google has taken out that information from the apps for phones.

If you have a Wear OS smartwatch linked to the same Google account, the Play Store will only show the version number for the smartwatch version of the app. The information also stays on apps that are made for AndroidTV or Google TV. The Play Store web client, on the other hand, keeps track of all apps’ version numbers, including those for phones. The most recent version of the mobile app, 31.6.13-21, seems to be to blame.

Google Play Store Stops Showing Application Version Numbers, Google Play Store Stops Showing Application Version Numbers

This makes it seem like the change wasn’t done on purpose and was caused by a bug. The Play Store shows the version number for phone apps twice in the description, under “App info” and “Compatibility for your active devices,” the new report says. Maybe it meant to take the item out of one of the two places but took it out of both by accident. We certainly hope so. If not, users would have to go into the phone’s settings to find the app version number. Users wouldn’t be able to avoid installing buggy apps if they couldn’t check the version number before installing or updating them.

Google has removed key app information from the Play Store in the past too

If this isn’t a bug, it seems like Google likes to keep important app information from users on the Play Store. In the past few months, there have been several times like this. In November of last year, the company stopped telling some users when an app was last updated, which made them very upset. It did this again earlier this year, and then took out the information for a few days before putting it back.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google took away the Permissions list last month. The company got a lot of bad feedback for this decision, so it quickly put the list back up. But Android’s maker seems to have taken another important piece of information from the Play Store right after that backlash. Let’s hope it’s just a bug and that all phone apps will soon have version numbers again.

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