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Google apk, Google apk Apps Device Policy


You would be required to select your gadget with Google Device Policy App if your IT head has set up Mobile Management in your organization. The application permits your IT chairman to command security settings like screen lock or gadget encryption and guard corporate information. In this application, you can survey all the security arrangements applied on your gadget anytime of time. The IT director can likewise arrange corporate WiFi systems or work applications, that are auto-provisioned upon gadget enlistment.

Note: your own data like geolocation, photographs are not followed or gathered anytime of time.

Fundamental App Permission Notice

Personality – Needed to recognize the corporate records that are being used on this gadget.

Gadget ID and Call Info – Needed for the space executive to mind IMEI or MEID of the client gadget.

Discretionary App Permission Notice

Area – Needed to empower application clients to find their gadget utilizing My Devices.

Photographs/Media/Files – Needed for the space executive to confine access to USB record moves.

  • You can quit discretionary authorization demands and still utilize the application.

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