Godzilla strike zone game No 1 Best App


godzilla strike zone game, Godzilla strike zone game No 1 Best App


Godzilla strike zone game Godzilla’s Biggest Danger: Defend Your Base Against the Defense Forces! In this base defense game, you face Godzilla, the king of monsters and other cashews, from the official IP of TOHO!

Protect cities around the world from giant cashew nuts! The demons of the Godzilla series are in full swing, and it’s up to you to protect, defeat, and recruit these powerful creatures to save the world! Godzilla strike zone game

Defend Aadhaar against Godzilla and other monsters from 29 different films from 1954 to the present day! The base building allows you to team up with various partners to protect the city, such as Mekhagodzilla and Kaizu!

Monsters can be collected as “monster cards”, which you can use as “defenses” or “buffs” so that you can defend yourself. Save the base, collect the rate and the monster card and unlock the “Codex”, which includes details of all the monsters and pictures!

※ Gadjilla Defense Force Features Features: Godzilla strike zone game

[Aadhaar defense game]

  • The ghosts of the Lor of Gadjilla are attacking the major cities!
  • Protect cities like Tokyo, London and Sydney!
  • Base Defense against their own crimes in Ghosts, Kaizu and Godzilla!

[Base Builder] Godzilla strike zone game

  • Protect your city and increase your power through moon colonization and your special time travel mechanics!
  • Build your base and defend against legendary monsters!
  • Build a base in the cities of the world

[Gadjilla game] Godzilla strike zone game

  • Gadjilla appears in all their forms, from 1954 to the present!
  • This official Godzilla Defense Click game brings 29 movie monsters to your phone!
  • Collect monsters and update the Godzilla card to summon Godzilla during battle!
  • Add Gadhilla and the monsters’ panthons to the monster codex!

[Inactive click game]

  • Passive Defense: Protect your base and see it in action
  • Click Games: Tap to establish your base and protect yourself

Gadsila Defense Force Base Defense gets the movie monster! Defend your base against giant monsters from TOHO history and collect your favorite kaizu – download today!

The Godzilla Defense Force is free to play, although some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on the settings of your device.

App This app includes in-app purchases You can change it from your device settings

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▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Select Settings> Applications> Applications> Permissions.
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