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god of war mobile apk, God of war mobile apk No 1 Best App

God of war mobile apk This latest God of War is not a reboot series, but a sequel to God of War 3. We are still working with Cratos as we know it, but we are starting to live a different life He lives in Scandinavia, with a good family and lived under a nurse mythology. Unfortunately, this tragedy does not seem to be different from Kratos’.

He opens with a sad truth that Cratos lost his beloved wife, and that Atres no longer has a mother picture. Their funeral preparations through the cremation process were the last request of the woman they loved – sowing their ashes at the highest peak of Norse. A journey, which is certainly not easy. God of war mobile apk

Kratos has to train Atres first, even though his mother had the ability to hunt, who is still not responsible enough for the threat of waiting. Still small and volatile, atrocities still need to learn a lot Kratos was the first to see that he had to give Atres a lot of time for development But the situation changed immediately after a mysterious man knocked on their door. It was from there that Cratos knew and understood one thing – there was no better moment to meet his wife’s request while the actress was safe.

So, did Cratos prefer to travel to explore the wild to reach the top? What kind of mischievous venture does he need to deal with? Who is the mysterious man who knocked on the door of Kratos House? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing God’s War. God of war mobile apk

It is no secret that Kratos and Greeks are no longer adventurous in Madhya Pradesh, but have a place in the nurses’ mythology with Atus. Sony Santa Monica is definitely a difficult task that the settings you get are different from what you got in the past. So far, they have

The Scandinavian region, which is a “home” for great Viking warriors, is truly an architecture and world view that we already knew from Greece. Now you can do a venture adventure to a place in the forest that looks more beautiful, ready to welcome the high mountains and snow that you make. God of war mobile apk

Of course, you have to deal with a variety of monsters as well as destruction and unique civilizations Especially given that the Nurse Puranas are not just about midgards There is another world with a variety of flavors ready to welcome the work of Kratos and Aterius rather than a place of cold snow with a powerful mysterious aru.

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