Go locker No 1 Best App


go locker, Go locker No 1 Best App

Go locker eNUnit is a complete, easily animated, amazing nuclear power core on your lockscreen!
Clear animations, very easy reading hours, easy text indicators for read SMS and miss calls,
Three customizable buttons for your informed animated charge indicator, your favorite SMS, photos and call app!

Install the amazing eNUnit GO locker theme from Google Play and enjoy the power of the eNUnit core! Go locker

  1. Easy animation
  2. High-tech style design
  3. Notably inactive

Installation Notes: Go locker

  1. Make sure that the launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO locker v1.05 are installed;
  2. Click Menu> Plugin> Locker, select your favorite item and apply it on your phone.
  3. Enjoy!

p.s Please click on this beautiful G + button at the top of the page? :)? Thank you so much for your cooperation! Go locker


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