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Gnss viewer The GNSS Viewer (Global Navigation Satellite System) displays the latest GNSS information as reported by your phone’s built-in GNSS unit. The following GNSS data is displayed:

  • Latitude and longitude
  • Height
  • Speed ​​or speed
  • Tolerance
  • UTC or local time (b al kalpik)
  • Satellite data (b al kalpik)

The app calculates the distance you take while walking / cycling / driving. Gnss viewer

GNSS viewers can log your status (user-defined) every 1/10/60 seconds. The result track is displayed on a map and can be exported as a GPX file, for example via e-mail.

You can also: Gnss viewer

  • Clear travel distance (which also clears logged tracks)
  • Choose between miles, miles or knots
  • Choose the delay / long format (decimal digits, bottom / minute or bottom / minute / second).
  • Copy / long to the clipboard (which sets a marker on the map, which is exported to a GPX file).
  • For example, share via SMS or email

There is no addition to this application It does not collect, disseminate or disclose personal information. Gnss viewer


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