Glymt Apk – Explore, Sell & Buy Videos


Glymt Apk, Glymt Apk – Explore, Sell & Buy Videos

Earn money by filming your passion and short licensed videos!

If you’re a movie producer or video enthusiast, Glymt can help you easily sell the best videos on demand from the brand.

Glymt is a short video market (5-20 seconds) and is a community. You can make money and become famous by selling the best videos to custom requests or through license stocks.

Brands and film producers request videos for their projects and ask you to submit videos from your smartphone. If you have an action camera or DSLR camera, you can download videos from our website.

Register and join the video revolution!

  • Each time you buy a video, you can earn 50% (royalty free)
  • Record and download 5-20 second clips directly from the app or website
  • Set your shooting preferences and receive targeted alerts
  • Meet brand requirements by uploading videos or recording new videos
  • Download, edit, label and publish your video collection
  • Follow up on response requests later
  • When the face is recognizable, use the attached exempt model tool to capture the authorization
  • Explore and learn from other users’ videos
  • Each time you purchase a video, you will receive an alert. Check your account income, balance and withdrawal funds

The value of your video exceeds your imagination!

Need video clips?

If you are a brand, agent or producer and need creative and real video, please use our app or website to make a free request, or search and license existing inventory.


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