Get Free Diamonds, V Badges and Other Rewards


The developers of Garena have included a partner program for content creators. There are a limited number of slots available for this badge, which allows you to complete the tasks assigned by Garena safely.

Note: – Free Fire has been officially banned by Indian players. Hence, gamers prefer to play the Max version.

Free Fire Max Partner Program Benefits: Get Free Diamonds, V Badges and Other Rewards

The Partner Program in Free Fire Max offers players cosmetic and amazing rewards. Players can get unique V badges to receive these unique rewards for free. Here are the information players need to know to get this badge:

  • Diamonds, in-game items, and custom room cards
  • 50K subscribers and 95% content by game
  • Can be negotiated with official client according to gaming
  • Features of gaming on social media accounts
  • Provide Redeem Codes to Fans
  • Tournament invitations and events
  • Exclusive Merchandise

This program provides players with many items. Hence, there are other requirements here as well.

  • The YouTube channel should have 100K subscribers, and 80% of the content should be on gaming, which should be a full 30 days.
  • Gamers must have 300K subscribers on the channel.
  • The videos and the content on the channel should be good which should not be a problem in the gaming community.
  • Content creators should follow a consistency.
  • Gamers have to engage the audience with content every day.

This is just a simple criteria that gamers can use to be a part of the Partner Program and try to earn the badges.

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