Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK 1.2.2b Download for Android


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK

Gangstar Rio offers the possibility to play freely and independently on the map for more than 60 different missions. You will explore the big city where you live.

, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK 1.2.2b Download for Android
gangstar rio city of saints apk

About Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK

In this game, your character can kill people, rob a bank, or fight and then experiment with the city police. What has become the symbol of all GTA followers? Game publishers have been successful in mimicking the big and fat world of GTA divisions in the past. Hopefully, this will be a game that many people will have to discuss in forums around the world.

NameGangstar Rio: City of Saints APK
Size867 MB
Update1 day ago
Required5.0 +

Amazing Sounds and Graphics

Gangstar is on the list of Rio 18+ games because it connects the city of Rio de Janeiro to the underground world in Brazil. You discover five different areas of favelas, business districts, beaches, jungles and discover the fully realized indoor environment in 3D graphics. There are over 60 missions to complete and dozens of random events.


Gangstar Rio: Saints of the City belongs to the genre of role-playing games. The game is fascinating to play similar to the famous game GTA. In this Gameloft blockbuster, players play as Angel, a former member of the Assassins gang.  He was a great angel in the huts of Rio.  After meeting Ana and falling in love, Angel left life on the street.

But the day Angel left Ana and lived a peaceful life together became an unfortunate day that separated the two people forever. There is a bomb that explodes the car, kills Ana and Angel is seriously injured. After the operation, with a new face, Angel returns to the band’s life to find out that his brain is deliberately stealing his brain and ask about his peaceful life.

General Information

Gangstar Rio: Saints of the City is developed and published by Gameloft. Among the games with similar behavior in GTA V mobile, Gangstar Rio: Saints of the City deserves to be at the top of this list. If other mobile GTA versions like Gangstar Vegas or Gangstar New Orleans aren’t enough to satisfy gamers with graphics, Gangstar Rio City of Saints is an option you can’t ignore.

Features Of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints APK

  • The game has over 60 missions, players have to complete it with both graphics and behaviors such as stealing cars and escaping.
  • Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is receiving very positive reviews from gamers and is one of the mobile game products like GTA V.
  • In the game, your gangster needs to complete more than 60 missions and unexpected events. 
  • To complete missions and events, such as destroying targets, hitting and chasing enemies, your character can use knives, guns, and explosive blocks.
  • It can drive many cars such as cars, tanks, armored cars, helicopters, and drifting cars.
  • Through the game’s adventures and events, players will explore many of Rio de Janeiro’s locations. 
  • It is a dynamic city, beautiful but also full of violence in Brazil. 
  • The 3D graphics used by Gameloft in this game will help you have the most realistic Brazilian city experience.

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