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Game screen recorder apk Game screen recorder is a premium recorder app for games and screens.
You can record your video game without root and easily share it with your friends.

What can a game screen recorder do? Game screen recorder apk

  1. Automatically detect games on your phone without any restrictions!
  2. It doesn’t require root access to your lollipop!
  3. Prog Editor: You can edit the sub-number and add it to your video.
  4. Record Button Options: You can set the transparency of the record button in the recording, you can upload your photo to customize the record button, more interesting, right?
  5. Close by notification bar: If you do not want to display the record button, close “Close by record button”.
  6. You can start pausing and recording at any time as you wish
  7. Our screen recorder is completely free!

Common questions: Game screen recorder apk
Can’t I record using my tablet?
Due to the system, some older versions (default OS 4.0 or higher) cannot record tablets, although it has reinstalled 5.0+ systems through third-party ROMs. We recommend you to create a record through a mobile phone

Learn more or give feedback, please visit the help center on the app.


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