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More than 10 million MMORPG players are selected worldwide.
Iruna Online

Experience the full RPG with over 160 stories and extensive stories online at Iruna Online.

Sports Goods

Infinite font customization
Choose your gender, hair, hair color and facial features!
Use the job change system to switch between 40 different professions!
Create avatars with unlimited customization patterns!

Best starting trip with your best friends
Builds a party of 4 players to defeat strong enemies!
Chat with up to 100 players in your guild and challenge powerful bosses in the Channel Ride battle-
Start your adventure with friends from all over the world! (Or play alone if you want.)

Island You get an island! Everyone will find an island! 4
Customize your own “island” with different items!
Explorers need some time!

Pets Bring your pet
Get affectionate by feeding your pets, then fight together!
Train and learn the skills to become a companion depending on your pet!
Synthesize your pet for a strong pet egg!

There is no end to adventure
Explore exciting content between seasonal events!


Long ago, the fictional world of Iruna was created by the 12 gods of Iruna.

Through a long struggle with the gods, four groups, Hume, Deal, Cole and Elf, are now fighting for their nations.

Your journey starts from here.


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