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game killer patched apk The killer was once a member of an assassin’s agency, until he tried to assassinate her. Now he is on a mission to remove everyone, one bullet at a time!

● 19 Objective Levels
3 modes of the game: story mode, mega level and save mode!
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people To win them, you must be a legend

● It’s not a game
Be a killer bean and use your extreme skills to land your enemies. It is a sharp 2D shooter that blends old school games with new school graphics

Unlock Super Super AMMO game killer patched apk

Killer Bean has a unique gun that can fire any kind of shot Unlock all 12!

Unlock Bonus Bonus Items
You’ve seen the double jump, but have you ever seen the triple jump? It’s almost like flying!

What skills do you have?
The more accurate and efficient you are at killing bad eggplants, the more gold coins you will be rewarded with. Learn to be a teacher killer!


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