Summoners Greed tier list – best monsters to use [July 2022]


According to how well they perform in the various game modes, we will rank all the top monsters that are currently playable in Summoners Greed in this tier list. Monsters with more rarity and superior talents will logically appear at the top of the list because that is how the beast operates. For the purpose of diversifying their current cast and keeping the game difficult for seasoned players, gacha base Summoners Greed continually adding new characters with new skills.

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, Summoners Greed tier list – best monsters to use [July 2022]
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List of Summoners’ Greed Levels
In the role-playing game Summoners Greed, players gather heroes and must draw or summon new ones through the game’s built-in gacha system. Each of the many collectible monsters in the game has a unique set of skills. The game, which is older than five years, features a significant variety of monsters, each of which is categorised based on rarity. Currently, there are 5 different monster rarities in the gacha base game:
Monsters with the lowest rarity are referred to as “common monsters” in the game. These monsters have weak abilities and the lowest basic attack.
The second-lowest rarity of monsters in the game is known as rare. Despite having average base attributes, these monsters nevertheless have low-tier abilities.
Epic monsters are sought after because of their better base numbers and passable skills that may be used on specific gacha base maps.
Legendary monsters are among the rarest and most sought-after varieties of monsters due to their low summon rates. They possess top-tier skills and very high starting stats.
Special Monsters – You can only get these monsters through in-game festivals and limited-time events.
Monsters of the Mythical category are the rarest ones that may be found in the game. They can only be obtained by Mystical Summons, and the summoning rate is a base of 1%.
If your favourite Summoners Greed character is not yet included in the tier list, do not worry. We will continue to update this gacha base Summoners Greed monster tier list when new monsters are introduced and existing monsters receive buffs or nerfs. As new monsters are added to Summoners Greed, be sure to bookmark this page and return to it later for the most recent tier list updates.

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