Funky Friday codes for free animations and points (July 2022)


18 July 2022 update: looked for new codes
Popular Roblox game Funky Friday is based on the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin. You’ve found the ideal location if you frequently play it and are hunting for working Funky Friday codes. You can utilise our list of all currently working Funky Friday codes to gain a tonne of free animations and points.

We have World Zero codes, Ultimate Tower Defense codes, and countless other such articles ready for those of you who play various Roblox games. Simply scan the area. Take a peek at all of the active Funky Friday codes right away!


One Year Scoop Microphone, or 1yearscoop

1,000 Points for 1YEARFUNKY

Sakuroma Microphone’s “2v2!”

Cheesy microphone, CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU

1BILCHEESE – Animation of Cheese

500 Points for 9keyishere

The radio emote MILLIONLIKES

Active 100k – 250 Points

500,000,000,000 – 500 Points


  • 250 Points for 250M

Boombox Animation, 1MILFAVS

  • 500 Points for 100M

Rickroll Animation, 19DOLLAR

outdated codes funky friday

Use this code to access Candy Cane Animation for Xmas 2021.

, Funky Friday codes for free animations and points (July 2022)
funky friday 1

New Funky Friday codes will be added to this site as they become available. As a result, remember to bookmark this website and return often to discover fresh codes before others.

An explanation of how to use Funky Friday codes is provided below:
Funky Friday should load after you launch it.
On the left upper side of the screen, select Twitter by clicking on the red cart.
pick of the functional Funky Friday codes from the list above, and then paste them in the text box.
To redeem your free rewards, click the blue icon.
Regarding Funky Friday
Popular Roblox game Funky Friday was created by Lyte Interactive. It is based on Friday Night Funkin, a rhythm game. Numerous tracks, including the originals from Friday Night Funkin, may be found on Funky Friday. To earn points, you must accurately and promptly strike the notes.

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