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, Full Form Dictionary – Offline
Full Form Dictionary 


Every day, we use a variety of abbreviations, but we don’t always know what the full form of each abbreviation is. As a result, we’ve decided to share our knowledge with everyone through this app, and we hope that everyone will find our Full Form – Abbreviation Dictionary useful.

This is a fully free and offline Full Form – Abbreviation App that categorises all different forms of Full Forms.

The programme has thousands of Full Forms that we use on a daily basis, and this Full Form Dictionary app is quite valuable in both our personal and professional lives. There’s no need to go to Google to look up complete forms of abbreviations and acronyms; simply launch the app and search for any abbreviation; you’ll get the precise full form of that abbreviation.

Feature Descriptions

  1. It’s a completely free and offline app.
  2. The app is little in size.
  3. Meanings that are appropriate.
  4. It’s simple to look up any abbreviation.
  5. The UI is simple and easy to use.

Please contact us at “[email protected]” if you have any questions or recommendations concerning this app.

So, get this offline Full Form – Abbreviation app and broaden your horizons.”

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