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Brain Games for Kids – Free Memory & Logic Puzzles introduces a set of brain exercise for your kids and is proven to be the best educational app because of its content. This app is for kids of Pre K and K. It has free, exciting and educational games for kids such as match the numbers, copy the mosaic, ball and cup, slide the numbers, puzzles, connect the pipes and mirror paint.

Let your kids brillance soar through Brain Games for Kids – Free Memory & Logic Puzzles

This app is carefully designed for kindergarten kids to help them grow, learn and have fun. It is completely safe and proves to be the best kids game to help your child learn and even give parents some off time. With two separate sections for Pre-K and K, we have around 15 games.

PRE-K Section:
✔ Match the Numbers
✔ Match the Veggies
✔ Match the Fruits
✔ Match the Animals
✔ Copy the mosaic

K Section:
✔ Match the Numbers
✔ Match the Veggies
✔ Match the Fruits
✔ Match the Animals
✔ Ball and Cup
✔ Connect the pipes
✔ Slide the Numbers
✔ Mirror Paint
✔ Puzzles

We have amazing and interactive games from which your toddlers can learn a lot. There are jigsaw puzzle games where your child can enjoy cute farm animal images. Connect the broken pipes to water the plants. Increase your kid’s concentration power by playing copy the mosaic & mirror paint games.

Fun Brain Games in the App:
🧠 Puzzles: The classic and logical puzzle games for kindergarten kids
🧠 Connect the Pipes: Make sure all the parts of the pipe are connected to water the plants
🧠 Slide the Numbers: Arrange the numbers in ascending order and wait for the magic
🧠 Match the Cards: Improve your kid’s memory by matching the same cards
🧠 Ball and Cup: Increase the ability of your kid to concentrate by finding the hidden ball in the cup
🧠 Connect the Wires: Lighten up the bulb by connecting wires
and much more!!!

Features of Brain Games For Kids are:
• No IAP
• Easy and simple interface
• Fun brain games for kids from 2 to 4 years kids.
• Brain training at an early age.
• Jigsaw puzzle games for kids.
• Coloring games for kids.
• Connect the pipes games for kids.
• Increases concentration power of your child.
• Completely Free.
• Learn & Play at the same time.

Reveal your child’s brilliance and help their brain grow- DOWNLOAD “Brain Games for Kids – Free Memory & Logic Puzzles” today. 🧒

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