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Swipe your screen to cut the fruit, but do not hit the bombs – how easy it is to play the hit fruit-slicing mobile game called Fruit Ninja which is enjoyed by billions of players around the world!

Choose your addiction to delicious fruit carnage with three original game modes and a wide range of blades and dojos. With the help of special double score, freeze or frenzy bananas you can experience the thrill of setting a new high score in fan-favorite arcade mode such as defeating bombs and shattering heavy combos or relaxing and slashing for stress relief in Zen mode. Last but not least, slice as much fruit as you can in classic mode – don’t drop the fruit and don’t bomb! Make your game even more exciting by preparing special power-ups: peach time, which gives extra time; Berry blast, which destroys the surrounding fruit when sliced; And bomb deflection.

Ready to test your super skills? Play through six challenging minigames and use the earned Golden Apples to enter event mode, where you can clash with other characters in the Fruit Ninja world and win powerful new blades and dojos. With regular event updates, make sure you don’t miss out on special gifts. The competition continues in the daily Challenge mode – can you tear up other ninjas for prizes and fame? You can even duel with your friends and family with local multiplayer mode by playing matches on the same device or raise the ranks to become the King or Queen of Leaderboard!

So if you are looking for some fast, juicy arcade action, this is the game for you. Play Now, Fruit Ninja – Chop Chop!

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