FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v1.9.9 Download (Menu, Unlock All Characters)


FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK is an online 3D first person shooter. The game has a fun and entertaining graphic design. You will take part in dramatic battles and show your intent to overthrow all opponents on the platform of glory.

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK, FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK v1.9.9 Download (Menu, Unlock All Characters)
frag pro shooter mod apk

The game emphasizes shooting, but no smoke or blood images. All styles of 3D graphic design are quite attractive. Guns are made like toy guns, brightly colored. Players will increase their excitement and catch them in fierce battle. You probably won’t appear on the screen in style – if you like animation.

This is an awesome action shooter game developed by Oh BiBi. First-person games challenge you to take part in 1 vs 1 duels against tough opponents around the world.

Exceptional Graphics and Sound Systems

Oh, BiBi designed this game with high quality graphics and exceptional sound system.  Therefore, you can be sure that the game will provide a unique shooting experience that will reverse the gaming experience.

If you want to participate in this high load dynamic action game, you need to download Frag Pro Shooter for Android. This pocket version ensures you never miss a game, regardless of your location!

NameFRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK
Size145 MB
Update1 day ago
Required5.0 +

Easy to Control the Game

Frag Pro Shooter is a unique game that lets you interact with a player in a blood circulation experience. The game is very easy to control with an auto fire feature which makes the game quite easy.

When you enter the game, choose your character (the player who will replace you in the game). You are in control of your character to attack and shoot your rivals.

Objective Get Feature

In fact, the game has an OBJECTIVE GET feature that makes it exciting to play. Here you must focus on your opponent and when you reach the target it will automatically start firing!

When you enter the game, you get the same points! Your main goal is to reduce your opponent’s score to zero. To achieve this, you need to constantly shoot them; make sure to kill as many as you can!

Progress Through the Game

You can also unlock other fun features as you progress through the game. The more points you get, the easier it will be for you to improve your gameplay, get better weapons and improve your shooting skills.

Features Of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK

  • FRAG Pro Shooter allows players to control a great shooter. You will enter a chaotic battlefield with 10 heroes and the player is equally divided between the two teams.
  • Each team can choose its generals to defeat opponents. Your main task on the battlefield is to act smartly to hit the enemy, with good reflexes and quickly defeat the enemy. 
  • The game has a different character, and each person has a unique appearance, abilities and use of weapons.
  • Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Players can quickly switch heroes so that opponents do not attack.
  • You can easily change tactics and create an advantage in battle if necessary.
  • FRAG Pro Shooter games are fast and chaotic so you need to destroy enemy targets quickly and kill as many enemies as possible to get high scores.
  • When the time is up, the team with the highest score wins.
  • If you are not lucky enough to die is okay, you will return to base as soon as possible and continue to participate in the battle.
  • As a first-person shooter, but the gameplay is quite like League of Legends, a lot of fun is waiting for you.
  • You will also need to build a Battle Deck to attack, defend, or balance depending on your playstyle and teammates.

40 Characters In Game

The FRAG Pro Shooter collection has a maximum of 40 characters and the number won’t stop there as the development team promises to update more characters for future releases.

 Each character has their own weapon and plays a different role on your team, so your choice will change the way you approach the game and will also affect team tactics.  For example, a character with severe damage combined with a healing character would be very imba.

Upgrade your Character

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your character to unlock awesome skills.  Once you have a good collection, enter the real-time PvP arena to show off your shooting skills, defeat them all and turn into legends.

Fast and Messy Game

FRAG Pro Shooter games are fast and messy. You need to destroy enemy targets quickly and kill as many nets as possible to get a high score. Over time, the team with the highest score wins. If you die unfortunately, you will return to base as soon as possible and continue to fight.

The number of characters is up to 40 and the number will be updated in future versions. Each character has their own weapon and role in your party. Your choice will change the way you look at the game and affect team tactics.  Plus, you can upgrade characters to unlock more awesome skills. Enter real-time PvP rooms to show off your shooting skills and defeat them all to become legends.

Exciting Heroic Experience

FRAG Pro Shooter brings an exciting HERO Shooter experience and is optimized for mobile devices. Challenge thousands of players in real-time 1v1 game and see your character in First Person View.

You build a BATTLE DECK that suits your style of play, such as attack, defense or balance. Each character has a unique power to spin a war. Expand your fan base to become famous and join your club. The game allows you to share and verify information with friends and opponents.

Colorful Graphics

In other words, FRAG Pro Shooter is a great game that combines colorful graphics and lots of voyeuristic action. In particular, the game environment is designed based on a true 3D platform combined with many effects and strategies.

The Final Verdict

Players will have a beautiful visual experience, flexible character manipulation, scientifically designed interface, lively and interesting sound. In each game you will discover different cards that are hidden, obscure, defensive and to prevent enemy attacks.

Finally, don’t forget to complete chores to get more rewards after each battle. Get ready for an amazing online shooting game and play happily. 

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