forgotten paradise apk


forgotten paradise apk The game offers many hours of classic RPG gameplay, exciting stories, various locations, monsters, and tons of quests. Dry in deserts, endless forests, dark rivers, and explore the ice. Gather a party of du vent adventurers and fight the night, archers, trolls, orcs, barbarians, dragons, skeletons and other enemies.

forgotten paradise apk

Explore the world of imaginary heroism Be a legend yourself Travel to the world of forgotten stories to meet new friends, find treasures, and meet monsters! Use a variety of weapons to ward off enemies in this real-time RPG Gain experience and level Solve research, find hidden treasures and improve your tools and skills. Use many types of weapons and magic spells If you like to play the role, you will enjoy this game with a top-down perspective.

Hack and Slas, Action and Classic RPG Fuse in a Final Game: Forgotten Stories. This role-playing game is completely free Try the best open world free rpg for Android!


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