Why is FMWhastApp Not Installing on My Phone? Fix It!


WhatsApp is the most liked text messaging app available across the globe today. In recent times, some of the developers have released WhatsApp mods with additional features in them. FMWhatsApp is one of those popular mods available in many parts of the world.

The WhatsApp mod APKs are not available on Google Play Store. Hence, users have to rely on external sources to get those apps. Due to that, sometimes the APKs do not get installed. If you wonder that why FMWhatsApp is not installing then here is the reason.

, Why is FMWhastApp Not Installing on My Phone? Fix It!
why is fm whatsapp not installing

Why FMWhatsApp is Not Installing

There are different reasons why is FMWhatsapp not installing on your device. Sometimes you can download it but are unable to install it, and sometimes you are unable to install it. Due to the following reasons, the device doesn’t let the installation go through. Here, check them out!

Common Reasons Behind Not Installing FMWhatsApp

  • If space is not enough in the device, it will be an issue.
  • If a country bans the download of the app, it will be an issue.
  • Sometimes it is the older version of the phone that is the cause of the issue.

These are the main issues that we get to see when it comes to installing the application. The person can face the issue with the internet, which can be a hurdle in the installation. But the main causes are the ones that we have mentioned above.

Error Codes

Error codes appear when the device has cache in it. We surf the internet, download apps, use them on and off for different reasons. We often forget to clear the device cache. When we try to install some other apps, the device cache creates error codes. Due to which APKs from unknown sources get blocked and do not get installed.

How to Get Rid of the Errors?

Getting rid of the errors is pretty easy, and with that, we can get to enjoy the app very well. All we need is some steps to walk through it and get it right. Here, let’s talk about those steps!

  1. Go to the Google account and remove it. This is an essential step, and we need to do it right away. The error codes are generated from the cache, and they are piled up in the Google account. So remove it.
  2. Now, it is time to restart the phone. Don’t turn it off; pick the option of restarting it. It will be an essential thing, so don’t forget this.
  3. Now once the device has started again, it will demand the Google account. You have to fill in the details and add the Google account again to the device. It is a basic thing, and you can do it without any hassle.
  4. Go to the settings, privacy, and then delete all the cache from that. Once we clear the cache, there will be sufficient space for the app, and we will be able to do what we want to.
  5. Now try and install the APK file again. This time, keep a check on the internet and then install it. It will be successful, and there won’t be any problem with that.


At last, all we need to do is keep a check on the things we have on the phone. Too much-filled storage is not good, and it can really make the phone slow.

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