Flux substratum theme No 1 Best App


flux substratum theme, Flux substratum theme No 1 Best App

Flux substratum theme Compatible with only substrate engines! If you are not familiar with it, please do not download it

The substratum theme engine is designed to give your phone a new live and dark look with flux theme pixel perfect graphics and UI content. Flux substratum theme

4 Flex White is also available

Works with Works
• Android 7/8/9/10/11 Stock and Custom Rum
Oxygen 9/10/11
• Samsung 8/9/10/11 (oneui 3 support is now in beta)
Synergy OneUI, substrate, substrate light

If you like flux, don’t forget to write the rate and review
Let’s enjoy! Flux substratum theme

❓ FAQ / Help
• First choose your Android version from the Overlay list

• When the app is updated from the Play Store, if you have the opportunity to shut down the Force, try the following steps:

  1. Disable application overlays
  2. Install the application overlay
  3. Enable application overlays

If you are using Synergy, swipe the updated overlay to remove and then re-add them and rebuild the theme. Flux substratum theme

Problems with the power menu on Android Pie?
Check the system header overlay for fix

Oxygen users are able to set the color theme from the settings> display and set the color pronunciation by default. Oxygen 10 enables the dark theme from the user setting and sets the pronunciation in the default color.

Some qs tile color does not change in Android 8.1 and the inactive line cannot be removed.

The design of Q Tiles on Oxenos and Samsung looks slightly different because it is impossible to do it like a stock Android UI from a screenshot.

Alternatively, enable the dark theme from your Roman settings

• Please do not write your bug / advice report in the review, instead email me or use the community link below.

Want a full black background everywhere instead of dark for your screen?
Select the Amoled Background option from Android System Overlay and then create and enable it.

• If you want a light notification background, enable the light notification option from Android and System Overview.

• Beta software is not supported, although my content can work with them

Quick settings panel does not have battery and signal tile theme.

Not inherently supported, though Flex can work with it


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