Exceptionally straightforward apparatus to get distinctive backdrop for each home screen. Camera photographs or any photos of any size. Simply select pictures or an organizer.

*** This application can’t change the quantity of your home screens!! It’s a live backdrop ***

the most effective method to utilize:

HOME SCREEN->MENU (or LONG TAP)- >’Wallpaper’- >’Live Wallpapers’

or on the other hand take a stab at googling how to do this for your gadget

Attempt ‘similarity mode’ if your launcher (TouchWiz for instance) doesn’t bolster looking over.

This application doesn’t deplete battery and works with the same number of screens as you have (you can set this number physically in the event that it can’t be gotten consequently).

You can:

● change splendor, difference, immersion and even white parity

● harvest, scale and turn

● pick change impact

● or set up only one picture for every one of your screens (turn on similarity mode and select ‘1’ for ‘Number of work areas’)

● twofold tap home screen to change backdrop

● or shake your telephone to change backdrop <-really this may influence battery life, utilizes accelerometer

● or it very well may be done consequently (simply pick time stretch)

● turn on ‘3D impact’ (otherwise called parallax or all encompassing) <-likewise may influence battery, requires whirligig

In the event that you wish you can purchase a “give” adaptation which is nearly the equivalent however without ads and it likewise has a capacity to pick strong hues as wallpapers.Thank you!

Any remarks or proposals are truly valued

…also, in the event that it doesn’t work for you PLEASE email me and be increasingly explicit 🙂

[email protected]


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