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Fighting tiger apk You are Jin, Kung Fu fighter, and desperate to leave his gang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight for your girlfriend and your life, which can end very soon if you take the wrong steps.

Features include: Fighting tiger apk

  • Fighting system fighting style: Use liberal kungfu (Chinese boxing, sands, bajikan, Chinese swords) or guns. Protecting enemies from protein attacks
  • Sensitive and special 3D combat control system: It is very easy to control your mobile device.
  • Sophisticated 3D characters and great scenes!
  • Smooth and fast! You can pitch, kick, catch, throw, and dose … use everything to protect yourself on the road! Combine these combat skills to create a variety of deadly attacks
  • You can pick up various weapons to attack enemies
  • Learn kung fu and martial arts using 3D interactive mode

Fighting with the Tiger – With the Liberals on your device, you will fight with the evil power of the Sanjay-Tiger gang and try to save your boyfriend Shan. There are many different types of defenses and attacks to help you kill these attackers who want to kill you. Master all the ques shalas so that you can live! Fighting tiger apk


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