Fieldata Collect Apk


Fieldata Collect Apk, Fieldata Collect Apk

Fieldata is a versatile based information assortment arrangement gave as an option in contrast to desk work. This application gives an answer for digitalized overview like statistical surveying, scholarly research, political study or social research. We cooperatively have attempted to give portability to clients to gathering their information with continuous synchronization, which is then sent to the server for information examination. Fieldata Collect has following three parts:-

a.) Building a computerized structure which is a duplicate of paper shapes through our structure generator instrument.

b.) Using our Fieldata gather application for filling assembled advanced structure and pushing it to our servers.

c.) Managing information in our servers and separating helpful data from it.

We have built up this application whose base is open information pack (ODK) and we have improved its highlights with our group best endeavors.

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For first time client, the default username is demo and secret phrase are 123456.

Following highlights we included other than of ODK:-

Review highlight that will appear:-

Number of times a specific structure is opened.

All out time spent in filling this structure.

Login include that will spare pointless confirmation while sending and getting structure information.

Additional security before erasing any structures.

An assistance segment containing FAQ’s and Flow of application.

Demonstrating subtleties of sent structures.


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