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Fashion doll dream house life This fashion doll is getting ready to go Help her get ready by choosing a new outfit, new outfit, trendy shoes, bag, dress, makeup and more! Fashion Doll: At Shopping Day SPA, this fashion beauty shop in the mall helps you by wearing the best outfits and outfits. Make sure he looks the best for the trip!

Design your own clothes and clothing to make this fashionable mall shopping dress and a game. Fashion dolls are getting ready for her trip to buy new shoes, clothes, bags and clothes. But in order to go, he has to look good first! Fashion doll dream house life

Choose from the outfits to choose the right outfit for her fantastic style. Then give the mall a make-up, hairstyle and trendy shoes and a bag. Only luxury clothes will fit her fantastic shopping journey!

Features Features: Fashion doll dream house life

  • Help a fashion doll ready for mall trips
  • Choose clothes, clothes, shoes and trendy bags
  • Choose the right outfit for her to wear
  • Make her and give her a new hairstyle
  • Complete fashion doll makeover on your fingers!

How to play: Fashion doll dream house life

  • Use touch screens to choose clothes to wear dolls
  • Create models by choosing clothes, shoes and trendy accessories
  • Apply makeup and create a beautiful hairstyle!

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