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Welcome to Farm Town; Exciting farm exciting game right on your smartphone and tablet! By joining the game, you will become a real farmer who owns the entire island. You are the only boss there. You can harvest, cultivate, build, and more… .. Use your ination han to build a large farm on a very beautiful island

Key Feature:

  • A wide variety of crops: rice, corn, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, berries, potatoes, grapes, lemons, apples.
  • Live-stock: Chicken, Duck, Buffalo, Cow, Sheep, Pork.
  • More than 20 types of resident homes and a variety of orders
  • 7 open spaces to increase the number of residents.
  • 10 types of factories: dairy factory, bread shop, lumber mill, coffee shop.
  • Ports with multiple vessels that allow you to expand your business to foreign countries.
  • The whole sales market can help you sell at a higher price.
  • Retail trucks always update products; You can get all the equipment you need.
  • A place where you trade products for farm equipment used to upgrade a garage, warehouse or unlock open spaces
  • Beautiful decorations help you to decorate your farm and turn your ordinary farm into a farm town.
    Watch daily + videos to get daily rewards
  • Unlimited space to expand your farm
  • Everything is free

Together we will build the largest farm and the most beautiful agricultural city

Playing games is fun.

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