EyesPie apk – Family Security Live Monitoring Camera


EyesPie apk, EyesPie apk – Family Security Live Monitoring Camera

Utilize your cell phone to guarantee family assurance with 24×7 on-request live remote portable checking.

Highlights To Provide Better Family Security

  • Fully made sure about with start to finish scrambled association over SSL
  • Full security
  • Motion location
  • WiFi with hotspot
  • HD quality video
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Two way sound/video talk
  • Local/Remote account
  • WebView to interface different gadget

How to secure family with EyesPie?

  1. Introduce EyesPie on two Android telephones.
  2. Name every gadget in an unexpected way. Names are one of a kind and case-delicate.
  3. Include those names into one another’s gadget list.
  4. Begin checking.


  • Free from any by and by recognizable data, for example, portable number or email-id.
  • Information of gadgets which can get to your gadget is spared locally rather on server. Solicitation from a gadget will be dismissed in the event that you have not included it.
  • Enforced twofold correspondence over SSL.
  • EyesPie is a WebRTC based application which sets up start to finish encoded association. You can peruse increasingly about it and its security here : http://webrtc-security.github.io

Movement Detection To Use As Home Security CCTV Camera

  • Works best in mood with enough light.
  • Only cautions when ceaselessly distinguishes movement for a specific time.
  • Records locally when movement is distinguished.
  • Alerts when gadget is coming up short on capacity.
  • Keeps accounts of 24 hours to look after capacity.

WiFi Support

  • Device with hotspot empowered, must have web to distinguish different gadgets.
  • Few gadgets don’t associate, when they are bolted.
  • Due to WiFi security strategy and battery streamlining settings, gadget separates subsequent to going into rest mode.
  • If gadget doesn’t associate for long, prevent application from ongoing applications and start once more.

Network Issue ?

  • If the gadget bolster battery streamlining, it would be ideal if you cripple it for this application
  • If name you are attempting to set shows “effectively taken might be”, attempt in almost no time. Happens when you attempt to set past name once more.
  • Check gadget name you are attempting to interface. Names are extraordinary to every gadget and case-delicate (which means little and capital letters are not same).
  • It possibly associates when your gadget name exists in other cell phone list, for security reasons.
  • Does NOT deal with VPN

It would be ideal if you note EyesPie utilizes your 3g/4g web association. Transporter charges may apply.


It would be ideal if you profit 7 days free preliminary of administrations before buying in as we don’t have a discount approach for month to month membership.


For security reasons, you should add your gadget name to other gadget so as to interface. For instance on the off chance that you have a gadget with name “deviceOne” and you are attempting to associate gadget with name “deviceTwo”, gadget with name “deviceTwo” must have gadget name “deviceOne” added to its gadget list.


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