Exos Heroes most popular game


Exos Heroes, Exos Heroes  most popular game

Exos Heroes


The fantastic experience to look for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the sovereign, and the scourge of the antiquated mythical serpent!

Experience the experience

of your lifetime.

Experience the special visualism

past your creative mind.

Experience the special, exceptional RPG!


[Game Description]

The stupendous experience to look for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the ruler, and the scourge of the old winged serpent!

Face the underhanded powers compromising the tranquility of the Exos Continent!

■ Ride on the old Airship awoken from a profound sleep to go an undertaking!

Welcome to the mysterious dream land where Airships wander the sky.

Become the Airship skipper and feel the huge world!

Join the antiquated mythical serpent Bitru and fortune tracker Zeon in this unique RPG

Experience this interesting story unfurl before your eyes.

■ Walk and run! World-map with opportunity!

This world is loaded with energizing substance where you can investigate the lost destroys and chase for lost fortunes.

Experience the one of a kind substance of Exos, the first RPG on versatile!

■ Epic illustrations! It is anything but an artistic video!

Exceptional fights in a fantasy like world!

Exciting ability activities! Experience the genuine fun of turn-based game through vital fights!

Outlines of excellent characters, and the dreamland of eminent scenes.

■ Enjoy another kind of RPG with fight framework like no other!

Exploit Guardian Stone framework to ‘break’ the foe, and add increasingly amusing to key fights!

■ The nature of each and every character in the game are as fine as the fundamental character! Gather more saints!

Gather more than 200 legends with remarkable character structures, and appreciate the great play with incredible Fatecore!

Blazing extreme fights will carry fulfillment to both your eyes and heart!

Exos Heroes, Exos Heroes  most popular game

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