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Exide life myconnect DGIDSK is a unique digital mobile based on boarding and document submission platforms. The app enables users to board with zero paperwork, removing duplicates of employee details, filling in 90% less form than the original time, and entering the world before completing the entire process that was needed and giving consumers a global presence. Experience

Get an experience. Exide life myconnect

Give your employees / customers a seamless onboarding experience on the platform and at their convenience.

Please proceed

Reduce manual processing errors and process incompetence by up to 95%. Exide life myconnect

Save security

100% safe and secure mode designed to support your business modules.

Release on time

Reduce 90% of the time of unloading by collecting information in an automated process and once-built form. Exide life myconnect

Reduce costs

Fully digital and reduce incoming costs by up to 85%


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