Evil kid game No 1 Best App


evil kid game, Evil kid game No 1 Best App

Evil kid game Evil Dolls is a horrible game where you are tied up in a doll house It’s your job to escape the horrible house before it’s too late! Evil Doll is a kind of grandson / non-horror and will kill you if you don’t live!

Hide in various cupboards, under the bed or in secret Evil Dolls’ grandparents are also scared of her, so make sure you don’t get bad dolls! Evil kid game

You are able to escape from this horrible house by solving various horrors
This horrible house has everything you need
Find the key to a closed door or open a closed chest!

Are you able to get out of this terrible house? Evil kid game

The Evil Kid is still in development, if you want to keep up with future updates or have tips / tricks for it.


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