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Eurokids buddy app Empowering teachers

Anytime, anywhere, any teacher assistant

HomeBuddy Educators is an app designed for teachers Eurokids buddy app

Homebird teachers will help teachers plan teaching plans, reflect on and collaborate on improvements in the curriculum, share best practices, bounce ideas from each other, and develop sincerity. There is a lot in the app
Important elements of a teacher’s daily Nandin dealings include weekly teaching plans, teacher resources, reflection, teacher training and classroom supervision.

Plans: Homebase Teachers’ Weekly Teaching Plans offer unique knowledge of Eurocad’s unique teaching, uni course curriculum. Each lesson plan guide is provided with design, materials, activities, resources and worksheets.

Opinion: Teachers at home, teachers can not only write their reflection for each lesson, but also evaluate the lesson plan. Every opinion expressed by him contributes to the improvement of teaching

Teacher Participation: The most powerful choice for home teachers is the teaching resource Primary child-specific and content-specific resources have been tagged for content, teachers can record videos and how they can teach in the classroom, and contribute to teaching resources in the Yurkids education community.

Eurokids buddy app

Professional Development: Teachers at home, professional development teachers can be anywhere, anytime. The app has professional development-tagged Eurokid capabilities and teachers can subscribe and receive training at their convenience.

Intimacy and Improvement: Homebird teachers can invite their peers to observe their lessons and provide constructive and positive feedback. It is an important tool in professional development Home classroom teachers can also be supervised by formal classrooms No more paperwork, scanning forms and uploading All of this can be done with a click of a button

Parent Connect: In homebased educators, teachers employ parents by sharing their opinions about their ward, which is able to assess the learning progress of every child in their class and to help the learner group retaliate or prosper. Let’s share


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