Essential anatomy 3 apk No 1 Best App


essential anatomy 3 apk, Essential anatomy 3 apk No 1 Best App

Essential anatomy 3 apk Try it for free on all your devices !!! *** It now features radioactivity b features on tablets and Chromebooks ***

Remo is designed for teaching and learning The world’s most accurate, best-selling and best-selling 3D anatomy platform with ground breaking technology, models and materials. Not just an atlas, but an anatomical learning platform with unique collaboration and teaching tools. Essential anatomy 3 apk

Free download

Premium b features Create an account for a free 3-day trial of courtesy and content.

Complete anatomical access from all of your compatible devices with annual subscription. Essential anatomy 3 apk

Experience the best anatomy platform available today:

  • In Human 3D, human anthropomorphic and complete anthropomorphic models are based on more than 17,000 interactive structures, in which the human heart is alive, pulsating, isolated.
  • Now with radiology: View radiological images in parallel with only 3D models available on tablet devices and Chromebooks.
  • Dynamic cross-section, real-time muscle movement, attachment and origin mapping, bone surface and landmark mapping, 12-level system, nerve tracker, blood supply tracker.
  • 22 Wonderful microscopic anatomy models
  • AR mode with versatile AR on compatible devices
  • More than 1,500 clinical videos on cardiology, orthopedics, eye care, dentistry and health.
  • Creative tools with virtual dissection
  • Complete syllabus, human anatomy, point of care ultrasound, cadaveric imaging, clinical relationships and other leading experts.

To make the best of it, use it best: Complete anatomy is best recognized by the world’s leading colleges and anatomists. Essential anatomy 3 apk

• “Currently available anatomy platforms (such as Prime Pictures, Visible Body) and its models have a wide depth and breadth of full anatomy.

  • Journal of the Medical Library Association

“Complete anatomy is a life saver for me It helped me pass all my exams, I have it on all my devices and the accuracy is amazing. I love it! “Essential anatomy 3 apk

  • Amy Morgan, medical student, Trinity College Dublin

“I would definitely recommend this forum to any institution that teaches anatomy.”

  • Georges Olsen, Lecturer, Kapilendra University

I would not be able to distribute my teaching without complete anatomy, especially now that most of the teaching is expected to be online.

  • Munesh Khamuani, Professor, University of Birmingham


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