Epic Seven codes you can redeem and some basic tips (July 2022)


July 18, 2022 update: new codes were verified.
You should take advantage of redeem coupon offers as soon as you see them in one of the best mobile gacha games! With these Epic Seven redeem codes, you may get tonnes of in-game items to help you level up your characters and much epic seven reddit more.

In Epic Seven, you will assemble a team of four characters and engage in combat as you progress through the game’s chapters to uncover its incredible backstory and attempt to get stronger in order to stave off evil. There are many characters in the game, so be sure to check out the Epic Seven tier list if you’re wondering which ones you should prioritise for your squad.

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Returning to the discount codes, you can find all the most recent ones here, along with instructions on how to use them. They might only be accessible for a little period of time, so be sure to act quickly before they epic seven reddit expire!

How can I use my Epic Seven codes?
In the game, redeeming codes is fairly easy. Simply open the Event News window, and you will see a small “COUPON” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
As an alternative, you can use the official link to use epic seven reddit the codes.

Open it, then enter the codes listed below in the text field. All of the goodies should be delivered right away to your in-game mailbox!

, Epic Seven codes you can redeem and some basic tips (July 2022)
epic seven reddit

Current codes
All of the codes that have been made available for Epic Seven may be found here.
Sylvansage’s newest gift box code is epicsummer.
These event codes are brand-new. By selecting “Receive,” players can redeem them, and a password entry window will subsequently open. They should try restarting the game if it doesn’t.

To my understanding, the game’s developers have totally deleted this option, although we still see it in the top right corner because of certain problems iOS players experienced redeeming the previously issued codes (as Android users). However, I’ll be sure to let you know if any codes are made epic seven reddit public.

Codes that have expired: Feel free to give these codes a try if you’d like; they may have worked in the past.

ARIA 03ggjacko18, E7HAPPYGIFT, epicsevenxr, EPIC7YOUTUBE100K, e7wcbegin, holyflame, taeyou, picnicyufine, and Glenn0303
Valentine’s Day new-three-star epic chat show
Lionheart \sEpic15belian \sepic0901gift \sgift4u
EpicSevenLike Golem Legend Stigma: EpicSeven7 Adventure Arkasus Camp
While waiting, you can strengthen yourself by heeding some helpful advice:

Tip 1: Be active and join a guild!
It’s crucial to join a guild because doing so will provide you access to a tonne of essential stuff, including Guild War. Additionally, you will get access to the Guild Member Shop, where you can buy different things every week.
The more you participate and provide, the more of a difference you will see. You will also earn Guild Funds, so it’s really a win-win epic seven reddit situation.

Tip #2: Finish the Abyss at its greatest level.
Make sure to complete the Abyss tower whenever you have the opportunity and whenever you level up your characters (even a little bit). You’ll receive progressively better incentives, which will only make you stronger more quickly.
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Even if you aren’t climbing the stages, try to complete the Abyss each and every day. Even the highest stage prizes earned will be useful for upgrading your units.

3: Pay attention to one unit at a time.

Start upgrading them as soon as you have some of the units you wish to maintain. It will be much simpler if you only concentrate on one unit and make it really strong rather than three or four units and make them averagely-strong, thus I would urge you to improve them one at a time.
No matter their rank or level, all of your units should be itemised since you can equip them with item sets to boost their stats, which will make a significant difference.

Tip #4: Even if you don’t have excellent PvP units, you shouldn’t ignore the Arena (yet)
As I already stated, you won’t have many excellent units at first. That shouldn’t be a problem, and you’ll still receive awards if you win as many Arena matches as you can every day. Once you have the PvE instance-specific units you need, you can later concentrate on purchasing PvP-focused units with your resources epic seven reddit.
Five-point advice: Finish the Connections to earn extra heroes with no cost.
In addition to using the Covenant Summon, you may also connect with other heroes to recruit more of them. This option can be seen on the home screen, and in order to obtain the characters, you must grant each one of their wishes.
For some heroes, this might take some time, but it’s a simple and cost-free way to get more!

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