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Epic Game Maker is a Sandbox 2D platform with a level editor. Make your dream game and share your creation with other players!
You can play online levels created by other players and rate them. The best levels appear at the top of the list, which gives their authors a chance to become famous! Make the game of your dreams, it’s so easy!

Level built-in level editor
Upload levels to the server game server
Ability to play any level online without downloading
Interface Good interface and fantasy 2D graphics
Different characters like K horse, goblin, ghost, orc.

Creating levels in this game is a very fun and easy process. You draw objects in cells, arrange blocks, objects and letters.
The level of the mission depends on the materials used when you create it. For example, if you add at least one key and doors, the mission will be over
Find all the keys, and then open the door.

Each character in the game has a unique weapon and features. All characters can be divided into 3 types – Warriors, Archers and Mazes.

In game updates, we plan to add more characters and objects so that you can create different levels and make other players happy!

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