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Epic Conquest

A wonderful game designed by a small team of 2 people with love and burning enthusiasm. After 3 years of development, everyone at the end of the game is ready to enjoy!

Epic Victory is a classic single-player action RPG, with a special touch on war and storytelling, you have never found in another free offline RPG.

It’s not a “pay to win” game You can get everything for free Best gear? Top level? No amount can buy them Only your efforts are important!

What are you waiting for? Download now and let the game tell you!

[Sports features]

☆ Amazing hack and slas battle!

  • Intense and strategic warfare Learn the enemy’s behavior and find an opportunity to kill!
  • Choose the characters to play with a completely different play style
  • Fluid control system! No autoplay! You have complete control over everything
  • Level 4 problem! Pressure hard for more prizes

☆ Beautiful story

  • Fantasy romance stories that won’t disappoint you
  • Visual novel dialogue style with character expression
  • Beautiful CG examples that you can find in the story
  • Open the end of space!

Freedom of character building

  • Distribution of Classic Attributes (STR / AGI / INT / VIT) to match your desired plasticity.
  • Gear rating that allows you to choose your favorite building
  • More costly than gears socketing

☆ Unique skills skills and allowances

  • Each character has dramatic characters (built-in abilities)
  • Level up all 4 skills and unlock 4 masters
  • Skill Level System: The more skills you use, the stronger
  • Strategy: Share skills points wisely to match your build.

☆ Classic Blacksmith and Tool System

  • Get the materials to make your best gear to kill the enemy.
  • Upgrade your gear from mango to rare and increase its capacity to a maximum of +20.
  • Evaluate your gear to find the best fit for your character building.
  • Jewelry uses socket gears! It depends on you whether you are a skill spammer, a lifesaver, an angry madman or whatever.

Different types of clothing to collect

  • Buy a dress for your favorite character to change your appearance, and a beautiful increase in energy.

☆ Success

  • Defeat the game and complete all 27 achievements available
  • Level up your gameplay account!

Save the Cloud

  • Epic Victory uses Google Cloud Save service
  • You can save and load between devices Never lose your progress!

☆ Other great features Features

  • Simple yet beautiful old school graphics
  • Very light Can be played on old devices
  • Does not consume too much electricity Fully battery-friendly
  • Offline you can play anywhere without an internet connection
  • You don’t have to advertise or watch if you don’t want to support us!


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