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Welcome to the “Electrical Technology” Android App.

A valuable application about Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Technology.

The in addition to purpose of this Electrical Android App is that you can utilize it disconnected for example without web association. So you can utilize the helpful Electrical devices just as Electrical and Electronics Engineering Calculators and Articles to gain some new useful knowledge whenever, anyplace without agonizing over versatile information charges. What’s more, it is Free and Always will be ;).

What’s going on

10+ Advance Electrical and Electronics Engineering Calculators

★ Advance Voltage Drop Calculator

★ Electrical Wire and Cable Size Calculator (Cu and Al)

★ Parallel Resistor Calculator

★ Voltage Divider Rule Calculator

★ Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit Calculator

★ IC 555 Timer Calculator with recipes and Equations

★ Battery Capacity and Size Calculator

★ Wire Size Calculator in AWG

★ Cramer’s Rule and Calculator (2×2 and 3×3) for Linear Circuit Analysis

★ Zener Diode and Zener Voltage Regulator Calculator

★ Power, Voltage, Current and Resistance Calculator

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Notes and Articles

★ Basic Concepts

★ Power System

★ Basic Electronics

★ Solar Power System

★ Repairing and Troubleshooting

★ And More …

Extra highlights

★ Can be utilized in Offline mode for example without Internet Connection

★ 46 Language Supported Navigation

★ 46 Language Supported Navigation

★ Beautiful and simple ti use Navigation

★ Icon viz Menu

★ Two extra App topics (Light White and Dark Blue)

★ And more

Need to include significantly more … or do you have input or proposal… . If you don’t mind Don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected] We will include the ideal theme or apparatus in the Electrical Technology App ASAP. Much appreciated. In addition, remember to RATE this application with 5 Star rating. We would be extremely grateful.

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