Electrical apk Engineering Formulas


Electrical Engineering Formulas

The application records all the significant Electrical Engineering recipes. Its helpful for understudy to spare significant time.

This App contains following equations :

Link Length from Sag, Span

Spring Resonant Frequency

Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic Force

Capacitor Energy (E) and RC Time Constant

Physical Properties of Coil/Material

Air Core Coil Inductance

Equal Resistor

Straight Wire Inductance/Inductor

8051 PIC Microcontroller (UC) Time Delay

Equal Resistance of Electronic Circuit

Arrangement Resistor/Resistance

Microstrip Transmission Lines Impedance (Z0)

Electrical Admittance (Y)

Arrangement Capacitor/Capacitance

Equal Capacitor/Capacitance

Strength (HP) and Watts Conversion

Force Factor for AC

Explicit Work of Gas Turbine

3 Phase Power by Two Wattmeters Method

Explicit Work

AVR Timer

Youthful’s Modulus Spring Resonant Frequency

Gearbox Ratio

Force Consumption mAh Calculator

Breaking point Elevation Formula

Buck converter equation

Power Cost

Wire Diameter

Wire Gauge

This is an application intended for Students for fast access to Electrical Engineering Formulas. Electrical Engineering recipes can be retain. So here is a basic method to allude to them and hone your Electrical Engineering abilities.


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