Electrical apk Calculations


Electrical Calculations is the best application in the electrical segment, it has numerous counts that can help you in your work. It can not miss in your cell phone!

Principle figurings:

Wire size, voltage drop, current, voltage, dynamic/clear/receptive force, power factor, opposition, Maximum wire length, Current conveying limit of protected conveyors/uncovered channels/busbar, Conduit fill, Sizing the electrical switch, Admissible let-through vitality of the link (K²S²), Operating flow, Reactance, Impedance, Power factor revision, Power factor adjustment of transformer MV/LV, Capacitor power at various voltage, Earthing framework, Short circuit flow, Conductor obstruction, Calculation of the link temperature, Power misfortunes in links, Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples… ), Analog sign qualities, Joule impact, Fault flow of strings, Risk evaluation of overvoltages with air beginning.

Electronic figurings:

Resistor/Inductor shading code, Fuses, Sum resistors/capacitors, Resonant recurrence, Voltage divider, Current divider, Zener diode as voltage stabilizer, Resistance to decrease voltage, Resistance for drove, Battery life, Primary/Secondary twisting of transformer, Antenna length, CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth mini-computer.

Figurings concerning the engine:

Effectiveness, Motor from three-stage to single-stage, Capacitor turn over engine single-stage, Motor speed, Motor slip, Maximum torque, Full-load current, Diagrams of the three-stage engine, Insulation class.


Δ-Y, Power, AWG/mm²/SWG table, Section, Length, Voltage (Amplitude), sin/cos/tan/φ, Energy, Temperature, Pressure, Ah/kWh, VAr/µF, Gauss/Tesla, RPM-rad/s-m/s, Torque, Byte, Angle.


Breakers application classifications, UL/CSA intertwine class, Standard resistor esteems, Tripping bends, Table of links reactance, Table of resistivity and conductivity, Table of unitary voltage drop, Dimensions and weight of links, IP/IK/NEMA insurance classes, Atex stamping, Appliance classes, CCTV goals, Thermocouple shading codes and information, ANSI standard gadget numbers, Electrical images, Electricity around the globe, Plug and attachment types, IEC 60320 connectors, C-Form Sockets (IEC 60309), Nema connectors, Wiring shading codes, SI Prefixes, Units of estimation, Pipes measurements.


Ethernet wiring (RJ-45), Ethernet with PoE, RJ-9/11/14/25/48, Scart, USB, HDMI, VGA, DVI, RS-232, FireWire (IEEE1394), Molex, Sata, Apple Lightning, Apple Dock Connector, DisplayPort, PS/2, Fiber optic shading code, drove, Raspberry PI, ISO 10487 (Car sound), OBD II, XLR (Audio/DMX), MIDI, Jack, Thunderbolt, SD Card, Sim Card, Pinout show LCD 16×2


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