How do I reset my ECOXGEAR speaker? 


Reset the Bluetooth on your audio device (phone or tablet), go to Bluetooth settings, click the gear or icon next to ECOXGEAR, and choose “forget this device.”

Why is my ECOXGEAR not working? 

If the speaker isn’t working, it could be because the wiring inside the housing is loose. If so, either the wire connections or the wires themselves may need to be fixed or replaced.

Can you replace the battery in the Ecoxgear? 

The battery in the speaker can get too full and burst, which could cause small pieces to fly out and hit someone. Consumers should stop using the speaker right away and call ECOXGEAR’s customer service to get a free kit to replace the battery.

How long does an ECOXGEAR speaker last? 

50 Hours of Play Time.

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Does ECOXGEAR speaker float?

The EcoBoulder Plus Bluetooth Speaker is completely waterproof, can be put under water, and can even float. It will keep playing even if you leave it outside in the rain or snow or drop it in a river. The EcoBoulder Plus can connect to your phone, tablet, or computer up to 100 feet away via Bluetooth.

Where is ECOXGEAR made?

Since 2006, ECOXGEAR has been making new digital product experiences for personal music platforms that are still changing. The team got started in San Diego, California, and all of our products are still designed and made in the United States.

Who owns ECOXGEAR?

Greg Fadul

Greg Fadul, the founder and CEO of Grace Digital/ECOXGEAR, talks about how to stay focused on the future.

How do you pair ECOXGEAR?

  1. Find & enable. Bluetooth on your. Smartphone/ Smartdevice.
  2. PRESS button. once on ECOROX to. initiate Bluetooth. BLUE LED will blink. rapidly indicating ready. to pair.
  3. Find. “ECOXGEAR” on your. Smartphone as a pairing. selection & select. “ECOXGEAR” to pair. with ECOROX.
  4. Select & play. your music! PRESS button to.

How do I connect two ECOXGEAR speakers?

Turn on the second speaker, whether it’s an Ecoboulder or an EcoSlate, and press the ECOCONNECT (double diamond) button until you hear a beep. “Connection successful” will appear on the screen. Turn on one speaker and press the ECOCONNECT button before connecting to Bluetooth. Press and let go of the button. DO NOT press and hold—a beep will sound.

ecoxgear speaker reset button, <strong>How do I reset my ECOXGEAR speaker?</strong>&nbsp;
ecoxgear speaker reset button

How many ECOXGEAR speakers can you connect?

With the EcoCast feature, you can connect up to 50 soundbars together or to any ECOXGEAR speaker. For speakerphone calls, the microphone is built in. All 8 speakers are lit up by LEDs that can be red, green, or white.

How do you pair ECOXGEAR Boulder Max?

Find ECOXGEAR on the screen for setting up Bluetooth on your device and connect. If the connection works, the Bluetooth icon will stay lit, and your EcoBoulder Max will say “Your phone is connected.” Notes: If the pairing isn’t done in 3 minutes, the speaker will leave pairing mode.

How do you charge an ECOXGEAR speaker?

You can get power from a USB port on your computer or from an outlet with a USB to AC power adapter. Use the USB cable that came with your ECOSTONE at all times. Once your ECOSTONE is fully charged, press the STANDBY POWER button on top of it.

How do I know if my ECOXGEAR is charging?

To charge, take off the cap on the back that keeps water out and plug the charger into the USB port. You should see a red light on the top of the unit to show that it is charging. Once it is fully charged, the light will turn green.

How do I know if my ion speaker is charging?

Charging Indicator: When the power cable is connected and the top battery segment moves, it means the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged, all of its segments will be on and won’t blink.

How do you charge a block rocker?

Why is my block rocker plus not charging?

My Job Rocker isn’t getting any money. What do I need to do? This could be caused by a fuse that has burned out. Connect the Job Rocker to a power source and look at the level metres on the back of the Job Rocker to see if a burned-out fuse could be the cause of your battery not charging.

How long does it take to charge a Block Rocker?

You can connect Mini Block Rocker to a computer or a power outlet with a USB power adapter and the micro-USB cable that comes with it (sold separately). After 3 hours, the Mini Block Rocker will be fully charged.

How long does it take to charge Ion Block Rocker?

How long does it take ION Block Rocker to charge? From empty to full, it takes about 10 hours to charge the Job Rocker battery.

How loud is the Ion Block Rocker?

It reached 83 decibels. Didn’t have a microphone, but she could take one. Ion has a mic built in. About the same quality of sound from each speaker.

How do I change the battery in my Ion Block Rocker Plus?

Who makes ion?

If the article can’t show why it’s important, it’s likely to be merged, moved, or deleted. ION Audio is a company that makes consumer electronics. It is privately owned and based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, in the United States.

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